Do you have a small group (5-25 people) who’d like to not only pick some fresh fruit, but also learn a bit more about our farm and what we do here?

We are NOT yet scheduling tours for the 2022 grape season. Please check back or give us a call in mid September to get your group on the calendar.

Here are the details…

  • Tours can be scheduled throughout the picking time, as it works with our staff schedule. Contact Tonya at 507-252-1309 to get your group on the calendar.
  • Groups must be between 5 and 25 people.
  • Cost is $6 per person (Cost is for anyone who wishes to pick their own pint of berries.) There is no cost for adult chaperones who do not wish to pick their own berries.
  • Payment can be made before or on the day of the tour, however, to secure the tour day/time, a credit card must be given. It will not be charged until the day of the tour.
  • A brief 20 minute tour will start the day. We will visit and learn about raspberries, blackberries, elderberries and concord grapes and then end in the vineyard, where guests can each fill a quart container of grapes to take home.