How much does it cost to pick strawberries? It is $2.50 per pound when you pick your own strawberries. If purchased at the Rochester Farmers Market, they are $6 per quart. If ordered online, strawberries are sold in three different sizes — $6.25 per quart, $20 for 4 pounds or $45 for 10 pounds

How much does it cost to pick grapes? For 2022, you pick will be $1.50 per pound or $1.25 per pound if over 100 lbs. Online ordering/we pick grapes will be $1.75 per pound (up to 99 pounds) or $1.50 per pound over 100 lbs.

Can we pick our own raspberries? What about other fruit? Do you have other fruit we can pick? We do NOT offer you pick raspberries or any other fruit. The only two fruits you can pick yourself are strawberries and Concord grapes.

Do you sell already picked raspberries? If so, how much does it cost? We are currently rebuilding our raspberry fields, so for 2022 we are unsure if we will have prepicked raspberries. We will post in late summer when we know more how the crop is doing.

How much does it cost for already pick blackberries? It is $4 per half pint or $6 per pint.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash or check is always our preferred form of payment. However, we do accept credit card for purchases of $20 or more. As a small farm, we try to keep our costs down, so we can pass those savings on to our customers. This is why we do not accept credit cards as payment for orders less than $20. Thank you for understanding this and supporting our family business.

Do we need to bring our own containers? For a small fee (25-75 cents per container) we do have containers for you to pick in, however, you may bring your own clean containers to pick into if you so choose. Be sure to have them weighed before you head out to the fields though. Since we charge by the pound, we don’t want to charge you for the weight of your container.